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Mission Statment

Shambhallah is dedicated to the preservation of all codes creeds and forms of preserving wisdom and to the empowerment of the individual

Shambhallah teaches us how to live a magical life ... the life you want...  as a divine being


Shambhallah Camelot of the East. It has been the home to fabled noble kings, Gods, immortals, unbeatable chivalrous heroes, astounding magicians and the promise of a better future. Shambhallah is the place that existed before the last great cataclysm and still exists today with its 20,000 year history.


It sent the seeds of science, ethics and magick to the rest of the world and the rest of the world would send their future kings and priests there to be educated for their new responsibilities.

All belief systems would meet there equally for peaceful discussion, debate, learning and initiation.


Shambhallah Awareness Centre is a Pagan Kirk (church) and spiritual educational organization that has a sense of fun and reverence in the everyday experience. We have been operating for over 20 years. We ask people to have common sense, not believe what is spoon fed to them in the popular media, to question and research information given to them and be aware of what is happening in the world around them.



Among other things we teach a form of ancient 'Surya Samadhi' समाधि which develops Siddhi सिद्धि (psychic) abilities and makes life go well for the practitioner and Alexandrian Hermetics which allows the practitioner to work with the power and personalities of nature.


The word "Shambhallah" exists in both Hindu and Buddhist legends.

Shambhallah Awareness Centre leans more to the much older Hindu teachings.


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