It now is possible to prove that trade in philosophy from the East affected the traditions of many other parts of the globe. Egypt, Assyria, India, China, Greece, British Isles and Australia all have legends from within their indigenous traditions that link them with names, concepts and a place fitting the description of Shambhallah. Pythagoras and Apollonius studied there, bringing back the teachings, ethics, art, mathematics and sciences that inspired the golden age of Greece and has thus affected western civilization forever. Alexander the Great and Atilla the Hun helped spread the its legends.

Pictured here is a 'Buddhist Shambhala' mandala. The Buddhist say that Shambhallah was conquered and that 20,000 wise, magick practising priests were exiled rather than convert to Buddhism. These priests were famous for their study of and control of the cycles of time. Magicians that could alter time! Though the Buddhists like to call this “the ancient nameless religion’ of Tibet, their documents preserve its name with their belief system called “Surayah,” which means “sun-time.”


Abarls, friend to Pythagoras also worshipped this deity. Pythagoras associated Surayah with Apollo. Pythagoreans were called 'Sons of Apollo' for their adoption of the methods and sciences brought back to Greece from Shambhallah. Colloquially the practise is called "Dong-ba," or “doing magick” in Tibet. These shamans/priests are called Eihoah and still do to this day by the Sherpas who watch the flocks. This coincidental sounding name makes me wonder whom it was that Moses really met whilst tending sheep when he was wandering in the eastern mountains?


These shamans/priests wore capes made out of feathers that when it is thrown back makes them look like they have great angelic wings. They carry a magickal dart called a phur-ba as their main ritual tool (pictured) and have magick phrases they counted out on beads. These were then more so than now, the scholars of the Alti-Himalayan region. Unlike our scholars today, these shaman/priests could not specialise in one thing they had to be good all-rounders. They had to master astronomy, chronology, astrology, law, weather patterns, mathematics, science, psychology, healing, medicine, history, as well as ritual, psychic abilities called Samadhi techniques and other esoteria were basic requirements. We teach these things and more in our Shambhallah Awareness Centre.


Shambhallah is called "Paradise" for several reasons.


There is no legal system, government, or laws other than the tender human conscience. If someone causes trouble they must leave. There is no fear, guilt, arbitrary morals or dogmatic or controlling religion in Shambhallah. Can you "Imagine" that? John Lennon could!


In legend, it was the place where all belief systems could meet equally. The concept of a religious war that the Tibetan Buddhist teach in their inner Kalachakra (Buddhist against Muslim) and associate with their mythic Shambhala, stands in total contrast to the original teachings of Shambhallah.


Buddhist Shambhallah



Shambhalla Priest




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Franz Bardon's

Shambhalla Temple


The main Surayah philosophy is that of things appearing in the stream of time and how to know, identify and work with the prevailing flow. All things have their day, season and cycle. All things rise, and then fall and pass away to repeat again, if you are patient. Cycles can be moved through slowly or quickly by a Surayah. When you begin to see time in these larger cycles it is easy to be tolerant. All faiths are respected. Pictured here is mystic Franz Bardon's vision of an eclectic Shambhallah temple.


Blatvasky and Bessant popularised teachings about the "Company of Shambhallah," now commonly called “The Ascended Masters,” who supposedly met regularly in Shambhallah to discuss the future of mankind and what they could do to aid 'evolution to higher consciousness.'


Yet according to Eastern traditions they don't ascend anywhere, they stay here on earth because they love her and they love humanity!


They believe in the human spirit as the most divine force. Nor do they like to be called masters as they consider themselves men and women such as yourself. They are from every walk of life and every modality of human endeavour. Christian religions took to this idea saying that when there are 144,000 immortals the whole planet will begin an age of paradise. “The Golden Age” prophesied by so many traditions.


When Christianity speaks of "...the narrow winding road and few are the one's finding it..." it is, I believe, a literal reference to Shambhallah. The way to Shambhallah is not open to everyone yet! Though, there are many legends of those who have travelled to Shambhallah and have found it.

Pythagoras is the first that we have in our western traditions. He left directions for Apollonius to follow 500 years later. Apollonius wrote an account of finding immortal “ who were like gods” who could levitate, read minds, and generate psychic heat, an ability now called Tumo. Christ and Krishna are said by some to have gone there. In the 1700’s two Dominican priests wrote an account of having visited there, upon which James Hilton based his book “Lost Horizons.”


Many others have tried with out success. Nicholas Roerich, accompanied by a Russian spy famously searched for Shambhallah with funding from the US government. Less famously so did Aleister Crowley when he was mountaineering in Tibet for the British Secret Service. Himler sent Nazi search parties to try to find it. “The Great Game” between the superpowers resulted from this search.


Why would super powers spend vast sums of money and wage wars that cost vast numbers of human lives to try to find a lost legendary city?





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Gesar Khan



There is a legend that the next world leader would come from Shambhallah. There are many names for this leader. The indigenous Tibetans call him Gesar Khan, (The Romans took their term “Caesar” from the name of this legendary ruler) and await his return. Here is a Bon Po depiction of this Arthurian style warrior. The Hindus call him the Chakravatrin, the next incarnation of Vishnu. The Buddhists call him Rigden Djepo, the Kalki King. These equate to the return of Arthur or Jesus Christ, the Jewish messiah and the prophecies of the next great Islamic leader etc. This is the theme of Roerich’s book “Shambhala.” The Nazis had an enthusiasm for Shambhallah too, where they hoped to find an ancient Nordic master race in a remote area. Therefore, if the legend is believed, it follows that by controlling that area you can control the possible future leader of humankind.

It became a popular concept in war time Germany that Hitler was the next "Chakravatrin” or “Kalki King" that would bring real order in Europe and necessary for Nazi ideologists to try to establish Aryan links to this area to give this story validity within the Nazi ideological framework. Today academics still write papers on the correlation of the indigenous Gesar Khan tales with the legends of Siegfried and Arthur.


These doctrines of Nazi cosmology became so readily assimilated by Europe that Tibet became an important locus of Western idealistic and spiritual projections, which continues to this day. These include but are not limited to the following:-


- Darwin’s 1859 theory of evolution which was prompted by the Tibetan legend that the eight races of human kind evolved from eight tribes of apes.

- Blatvasky’s ‘Council of Ascended Masters’ in Tibet, has filtered through the entire new-age movement.

- Rudolf Hess and Rudolf von Sebottendorf organised a German secret society called, "Thule Gesellschaft" based upon Lamist teachings.

- Karl Haushofer founded in Munich the "Institute for Geopolitics."

- The UN owes its establishment, via Nicholas Roerich, to the popularity of these assimilated cosmologies.

- And “Camp David,” the haven of the US presidents, original name was Shambhallah.


Yet finding this legendary place has evaded all such political manoeuvres!


It could be that it has eluded them because it is just a myth in the mists. Is it just a beautiful legend, nothing more than a fable that speaks to the part of our soul that craves true freedom and peace, the part that believes in the nobility of the human spirit.


I believe it is a place that does exist on the physical plane however, it is also a place that you can find within the human heart. I believe exceptionally noble people can find this realm. I believe everyone who becomes physically immortal is taken to Shambhallah to complete their training. There they are shown how to help restore balance in the flow and the force of the cycles. They are taught to use their great power with great responsibility. Then they are also given the great challenge of teaching others to raise their personal power so that they too may attain Shambhallah.


I have memories and dreams of this place from when I was a small child. I remember learning of the oldest and highest code of ethics taught on the planet. This code has existed unchanged for some 12,000 years. Being:-

 TO BE FREE OF FEAR -This leads to Invulnerability

 Yet we must Remain Tender, empathetic

 Seek Balance on the Middle Way - Never go to extremes

 Respect All Life as if it were your own

 Live everyday in Joy, Blessing, Thanksgiving, and Humour

 As this leads to Ultimate Health, and eventually Physical Immortality

 From this arises Maximum Empowerment

 Which leads to total Personal Responsibility

 Then we see that We Are Gods, we are Stars

 Moreover, that Anything Is Possible for us


This is the way of the great sages. It is the peaceful and patient warrior tradition of the first noble Knights. It means that one person can make a huge difference. Thus if we see injustice and imbalance then we must do what we can to restore it. We cannot expect heaven to fix things all the time for us; if we are gods then we must do the work. The greater our power the greater our responsibility!


If you resonate to this message then you understand what Shambhallah is.

If you would like to become more aware of what is going on around you in realms seen and unseen,

If you would like to be empowered and learn seemingly magickal abilities in order to help others,

If you yearn to live everyday of your life in joy and free from fear...


...Then Shambhallah is here for you.


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