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What is a Celebrant ?

A celebrant is someone who helps you by officiating a a ceremony to mark your passage through a milestone in your life.


What is a  Ceremony ?

A Ceremony is held in an altar or adorned space, decorated appropriately  for the occasion.  An intimate ambiance is built in a scared space in which  guests can gather to acknowledge and share with you in this rite of passage.



A celebrant mostly officiates at  weddings. However, there are a range of celebrant services provided by Rev. Dr. Shé D'Montford

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On your own very special day choosing a celebrant is one of the most important decisions you will need to make; for the day the day you marry the one you love , a re-commitment, a baby naming ceremony, funeral, or any other ceremony.


Civil or Religious ?

WARNING: Civil celebrants by law "Cannot perform a religious function" unless they are officially authorized in writing by a religious organisation, that is established in Australia, to act on their behalf - If a civil celebrant is not officially  attached  to any religious organisation, that is established in Australia, attempts to perform a handfasting or any other religious elements in ceremony; your ceremony may be fraudulent.  - Make sure that you ask to see thir current paperwork. EXERCISE EXTREME CAUTION - DO NOT ASK A CIVIL CELEBRANT TO INCLUDE ANY RELIGIOUS ELEMENTS IN YOUR CEREMONY, if they do comply it doesn't make it legal.


What can Shé D'Montford, as  a Celebrant, do for me?

Dr. Shé D'Montford attends to all your legal paperwork, assists you to write a ceremony to suit your needs and beliefs and and Shé is authorized to solemnize religious marriages by the Attorney General's Dept.


What is included on the package?

Your final flat fee will include your initial visit, and a rehearsal of whatever ceremony you desire.  For weddings it will also include the completion of legal paperwork prior to and after your marriage and your Marriage Certificate. The package includes a counselling session, if needed, for the situations you are facing. For Weddings, It includes a govt. issued DVD on the seriousness of marriage and a pre-marriage counseling session if desired.  Additionally,  you will be sent a' Ceremony Guide' to assist you to make your choices, and to help you write your own ceremony, rehearsal time, telephone, mailing and fax costs, the use of Dr. D'Montford's portable microphone and speaker, (if necessary) with a selection of appropriate music to be played prior to your ceremony and while you are signing the Marriage Register. Your fee also includes, if necessary, the use of  table , pen and bridal cloth for signing the Marriage Register, use of a silver ring dish or red velvet pillow, the use of Dr D'Montford's personal ceremonial swords for the arch-of-steel if desired and other available ceremonial props . It also includes a printed copy of your ceremony in a folder to keep as a memento.


What are the legal obligations and the first steps?

With most ceremonies there are no legal obligations. For funerals to be conducted you will need a death certificate from the doctor/hospital and a licensed mortician who can prepare the body for burial. Then a funeral can be conducted - See the Funerals tab for a check list.


However, wedding ceremonies are tightly regulated in Australia as they are a binding  written and verbal contract and MUST BE DONE CORRECTLY according to the law. Firstly, you must be over the age of 18 years and give the Celebrant one calendar month and one day's notice. The celebrant helps you to complete and submit your ' Notice of Intended Marriage' at the first interview and you will need to produce either your birth certificates (full originals) or passports. Prior to your marriage you must also produce any divorce decree absolute papers, citizenship papers and/ or death certificates of former spouse if applicable. You will also need to pay a deposit, the final payment being made closer to the date of your marriage. On the day of your marriage you must have 2 witnesses over the age of 18 years.


What is the cost?

Dr. Shé D'Montford charges a final flat fee, for her ceremonies which is discussed, at the first interview. "The Basic" fee is $500 which is tax refundable as a service provided by the clergy of Shambhallah Awareness Centre, Non-Profit charity/church. Traveling expenses are of cause additional but will be discussed and agreed upon before hand. There are no hidden extra charges. This is all inclusive. You date can be secured with a $100 deposit


What can we have for our ceremony?

It's your day and your ceremony can be whatever you wish it to be - long or short, casual or formal, Spiritual new-age or Earth centered Pagan. Dr. D'Montford sends you a Ceremony Guide which offers selections for you to choose from or you can write your own. You might like to write your own vows and promises, and have your own choice of any readings, verses ,songs or invocations. Dr. D'Montford will assist you to write a ceremony to suit your own special beliefs and needs.


Where can Dr. D'Montford conduct our ceremony for us?

Anywhere which is suitable to both you and Dr. D'Montford.  Dr. D'Montford travels all around Australia and all around the world, so really anywhere you would like it held. Your own home, park, garden, beaches, sacred sites hall, community centre, or hired venue, . Additionally, for weddings held overseas, Dr. D'Montford can still perform a legally binding ceremony as long as it is performed on Australian soil, i.e. on Australian Embassy grounds (We have found most emabsies  are very open to this by  prior arrangement)  any where in the world. - it's your choice.


Do we have to attend any pre-marital courses before our wedding?

No. However, all celebrants have program information from the Attorney General's Department called RELATE - Relationship skills for love, family and life should you wish to attend. The are also brochures, DVDs and counseling available.


When do we need to book our celebrant?

Book as soon as you have decided on the date and selected the venue but please have a time option available. Professional Celebrants are busy, and can be book years ahead of time. Dr. DMontford is busier then most, so to avoid disappointment, get in early and book Dr. D'Montford as soon as you can!





    Hi She!

     Hopefully you remember me!  My name is Sam, and you married me and my husband Steve on June 28th 2008. I just wanted to say thanks. After 1 year of marriage, everything is going well.  In fact, I recall you saying at our rehearsal (after you saw the koala in the park) that it was a good sign. Well, I'm happy to say that in the year since the wedding, Steve has managed to get a job (not 3 months after the wedding!), we've moved into a really nice house, and I am currently 17 weeks pregnant!  All is going well, and we're really hoping to have a girl.  We'll find out in a few weeks. Do you do naming days at all? (I SURE DO!)

     Well, I hope all is well with you and yours.


     Sam and Steve


    Hi She

    It's Tracey and Garth here. we just wanted to thank you so much for performing our wedding in May. I was a little shy and nervous that day, I didn't get a chance to ask you to stay and thank you for a great ceremony. Our guest enjoyed themselves totally. I am very great full and blessed to marry a great guy and have our wedding how we wanted, so thank you so much. I attached a two pics of ceremony     Click Here 1 & 2,  to see the picture that Tracey and Garth have shared

    Blessed be

    Tracey & Garth



"..... When Shé called in spirit on our day, everyone could feel it, sense it and even photograph it. The air was electric, the rain stopped and the world stood quietly to attention. We know spirit was there as a witness to our vows as well as all of our loved ones. It was truly magic. There is no one else to recommend as a celebrant.... ."

Robyn and Rodger  9.11.2001



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