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The Ancient Spiritual Mysteries Can Be Revealed To You


LEARN ANCIENT ESOTERIC WISDOM - The course below outlines a life long metaphysical education that is the beginning greater wisdom and understanding of the hidden realms and potentially, a career as a metaphysical practitioner.


The main function of Shambhallah Awareness Center, founded by Shé D'Montford, is spiritual education and personal empowerment.


We have been schooling people in these arts for decades, since 1990. Therefore, Shambhallah is the oldest existing continuously running Pagan Seminary in the world.


Shé D'Montfort will still be conducting live workshops and classes around the world as usual. However the exciting this is that in the coming year we will begin hosing on-line courses. The technology is no sufficiently advanced to make this a practicable and interactive way to conduct classes internationally. It will also make the units more accessible and cheaper.


 All units can be done individually or in subject groups. They will start from as little as $20 but will be cheaper if purchased in packaged subjects or if the whole curriculum is purchased. Proceeds are received with gratitude as all funds will continue to go directly into Shambhallah Awareness Centre, to help continue our spiritual re-education work world wide.


Successful completion of a subject will grant you a certificate of completion. Completion of all of the subjects in a course, will grant you a Diploma for that course, after an examination of competency. If you are one of the thousands of people who have  already done classes with us , you should check  below to see how many units you have completed towards your Diploma.


This is a structured learning system resulting in a demonstrable level of competency, which will give you the opportunity of earning an "Honorary Masters of Metaphysics" or a upon completion of all subjects in one year.


It is understood that some students seek knowledge solely for its own sake and may not wish to gain these qualifications. Therefore, examination and grading are optional. For those who do not wish to gain any further qualifications, the successful completion of each unit in a subject will result in the issuing of a certificate of completion.


Units may be undertaken individually where no prerequisite units are required.


The student may choose to sit for an examination at the end of each unit to demonstrated competence,  there is no time limit on examination and examinations can be conducted via Skype, or similar face to face communications app.  Examinations are encouraged with a view to achieving the "Honorary Masters of Metaphysics" degree or an "Honorary Masters of Traditional and Metaphysical Healing"  both of which are highly regarded here and also recognized in the United States. Grading will be on a 50% practical application and aptitude, demonstrated during the class and a 25% assignment and a  25% academic understanding, demonstrated during the written examination at the completion of each unit.  A  60% is a Pass Mark. 70% is a Credit. 80% a Distinction and 90% is an Honours.


Demonstrable previous learning can count as credits towards not more than 25% of units. Unites may be deferred for up to one year due to extraneous circumstances upon written application by the student.


The course below outlines a life long metaphysical education that is the beginning greater wisdom and understanding of the hidden realms and of a career as a metaphysical practitioner. Higher levels are achievable upon demonstrated beneficial application. Further assignments can result in higher distinctions being issued by this charitable religious educational organisation.

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A 3-hour introductory lecture and power point presentation.


    Explains modern Magick`s ancient heritage

    Debunks a lot of disinformation

    Explains the course structure for the year

    Explains why this is the most comprehensive fast track magickal education available and how it works for you


Required for all following Units.

Workbook available. "Who`s Afraid Of The Big Bad Witch?"



2 Hours - 1 Unit - Homework given - Purchase of workbook Available - “Seven Psychic Secrets”.

    The most powerful spiritual technique today

    Blow your 3rd Eye wide open

    Any previously acquired spiritual techniques will be supercharged by the application of this method.



    2 hour introductory - a lifetime to achieve - Ethics are essential to the practice of all of these arts and are a requirement in all that follows.

    Homework given   - Wednesday Night Meet ups follow up support groups available


MAGICK BEGINS WITH YOU - 4 Units  -$25 each Unit or $80 subject.

    Preparation of the body, mind, spirit, home, and environment for the magickal life


Unit 1 - 2-Hour + $25

    External Magick

    Physical Culture

    Diet & Exercise

    The 5 Tibetans


Unit 2 - 2-Hour + $25

    Meeting The Magick - being able to see and recognise and relate to the divinity in the world around you



Unit 3 - 2-Hour + $25

    Internal Magick - "You Deserve Love"

    Examining personal relationships - Unit 1 of Tantra

    Workbook Available


Unit 4 - 2-Hour + $25

    Secret Magick

    An Introduction to Ancient/Indigenous Magickal Systems

    Explaining the history of and discussing the nature of secret societies.



THE POINT OF POWER - 4 Units  - $25 each unit or $80 subject

    Practical Powerful Breathwork

    2 Hours per unit - Home work given - workbook available


Unit 1 - 2-Hour + $25

    The Point of Power is in the present moment-

    Lifting Game- Levitation techniques

    What is power and strength

    Psychic Vampires

    Heart Sutra  - Gayatri Mantra - Charm of Making

    Other Dimensions


Unit 2 - 2-Hour + $25

    Escaping Ideas of Wrong and Imperfection

    Intention Karma and True Will - Understanding Karma and releasing it.

    Total Personal Responsibility


Unit 3 - 2-Hour + $25

    More Breathing Exercises



    Alternate Nostril

    Siddhi - Manifesting Psychic abilities

    Inspiration & Akhasha exercises

    How great teachers have found their great teachers


Unit 4 - 2-Hour + $25

    How to Physically manifest objects

    The four-step process of formation of matter.


ASTRAL PROJECTION 3 units - 2 hours per unit - $25 per unit - $70 subject

    Home work given - Purchase of Work book available


Unit 1 - 2 Hours - $25

    Trance work

    Psychic Spying


Unit 2 - 2 Hours - $25

    Time travel - Future and past

    Foretelling The Future


Unit 3 - 2 Hours - $25

    Moving between the worlds

    Soul retrieval and basics of healing

    Exorcism and psychosis



TUMO  - 3 units - 2 hours each unit -  $25 each unit or $70 subject

    The art of moving and using power

    Home work given - Purchase of Workbook available


Unit 1 - 2-Hour + $25

    Letting your light shine - Generating enough energy to light up a light bulb.

    Theta State. - Altering your Brain Waves at will


Unit 2 - 2-Hour + $25

    The Five Tattwas - areas of Manifestation

    Tibetan Segmented Breathing

    The Element of Will

    The Unbending Arm Game


Unit 3 - 2-Hour + $25

    Playing Ball- A game of intention - concentrating moving and hitting people with your energy

    Tumo as body heating




     3 units - 2 hours each unit -  $25 each unit or $70 subject

    Home work given - Purchase of Workbook available

   These advanced techniques require that the previous 4 subjects be a prerequisite for the successful completion of this subject. The mistake that many people make with modern Ceremonial Magick, Wicca & Neo-Paganism is that they never bother to learn the Basics first - It is so worth it to get the basics right first - it will make your circle casting far more powerful.


Unit 1 - 3-Hour + $35

    Seeing auras, spirits and deities

    Children see things- How can we regain that?

    Ink blot Game

    Knowing They Self- Your own Spirit and Aura

    Hands of Light Game

    The personal Lie and the Ego

    Samadhi Techniques


Unit 2 - 3-Hour + $35

    Setting up an Altar or a Covenstead- A holy space to commune with spirit

    Casting a circle

    Tools and ritual objects and their uses

    Tables of Correspondence


Unit 3 - 3-Hour + $35

    Have we created these spirits ourselves or have they created us?

    Egregores and the Akasha

    The Seven Main Spirits - Planetary

    The Five Main Spirits- Elemental

    What does the choice of God that we work with say about us?

    God Eating

    Conjuring Controlling and Co-operating with Spirit Entities

    Dubthab Rites - Success

    Unclean, unnecessary and unproductive rites



THE GODDESS 4 units - 2 hours each  - $25 per unit  - $80 subject

I    f you work with the Goddesses you glow. You radiate confidence. You shine. .

Unit 1

    Feminine strength  - freedom from bulling and abuse

Unit 2

    The surrender

Unit 3

    The Goddesses

Unit 4

    Goddess Altar, Libations & Ceremony.



SOUND, MUSIC, CHANT, VOICE & LIGHT - 1 Unit - 4 hours - $55

    The art of he trans-dimensional  and its power.

    No previous musical experience or singing ability needed.

    Homework given - Purchase of CD available


    Pythagorean Musical theory


    Harmonic Singing

    Basic Chants from magickal traditions around the world

    Orphic Hymns

    Sacred Instruments &




    Learn the Secrets and Shamanic techniques of the Medicine Wheel.

    Learn how to apply ancient skills to simplify your contemporary stressful lifestyles


    Soul Retrieval




    Releasing the guilt associated with 'Sex' and restoring its inherent sacred power to us

    4 Units - 2+ hours per unit -  -$75 each unit or $280 for all four units if purchased together. Homework given - Purchase of Workbook available.

    N.B.Level 2 $350 days personal instruction & Level 3 the retreat - $499 can be purchased with level one as a package for $999 but with this they must be completed in order and  Internal Magick - "You Deserve Love” must be completed as a prerequisite to Level 1.

    NB Level 1 is THEORY ONLY. No sex activity for participants in this unit. Practice of these methods is required during your own time.

    Must be over 18 to participate in this unit.

     N.B. All aspects of human sexuality are discussed openly and frankly & without judgment during this subject. So if you re bigoted or have a closed mind about human sexuality, this course is not for, unless you really want to change this about yourself.


Unit 1 - 2 Hours - $75

    Bring a swim suite and a towel for this week

    Commonly Practised Sexual Rituals

    Extraordinary Sex Magick

    Memory Game

    Body awareness

    Foreign Sexual Practises


Unit 2 - 2 Hours - $75

    What was Tantric Sex originally and what if any are its uses today?

    Tradition Respect and Honour for the Power of Women and how this has been replaced by controlling organisations.

    Tantric Feast- Circle worship.

    Sexual Yoga

    Seminal Retention

    Transmutation of Energy for the women

    Mystic Mail Game


Unit 3 - 2 Hours - $75

    Your Highest Guru


    Attracting your Ideal Mate

    The Protective Spirit

    Direct Communication with your Holy Guardian Angel

    The Genius and You

    The Mystic Union

    The Game of Making




    Keys to your ascension process -

    Maths as Mystic Art

    Begin to recognise Sacred Patterns and understand their meaning

    The ability to tap into "Pattern Recognition".

    Understand the true meaning and uses of the Pentagram

    Uses for Magick Square

    Beginning with the ancient magic Square of 3 x 3 (Lo-Shu) Tibetan

    These magic sums equate with the many names of the Gods and Goddesses in Kabhallahistic lore.

    Atomic patterns

    Magic Square Mandalas

    Sufi rituals

    Working with Planetary or Numerical archetypes



UNLOCKING THE PHI CODE 1 Unit - 2 Hours - $25


    Explore hidden mysteries

    Our human body as resonance with the Living Mathematics of Nature.

    Understand the true meaning and uses of the Pentagram

    Generate more from less

    Discover secret codes concealed in the GAYATRI MANTRA, the most famous Eastern prayer for Enlightenment.

    Learn why the shape of the Pine Cone is optically similar to the Human Heart,

    Why we are awe-struck when we view sacred architecture like the Parthenon,

    Why we are attracted to the proportions of the famous Mona Lisa.

    Explore the hidden mysteries within the 5 Platonic Solids and the 13 Archimedean Solids.

    What are the Stellated Icosahedrons & The Star Tetrahedron

    The Fibonacci Sequence: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144

    108 degrees being the external angles of the pentagram and the number of beads in a rosary which is sonically disguised as the GAYATRI MANTRA, the most   famous Eastern prayer for Enlightenment.

    Pythagorean Knowledge as a sonic and non-intellectual process,

    Essential geometries invisibly constructed and nested within the Heart as the Centre of a greater Grid connecting us to all of the Universe and Atomic Levels.




These are the first 13 basic subjects must be completed in order to gain your

Honorary Master of Metaphysics.

The Entire 71 hours of tuition + grading in the Master of Metaphysics course can be purchased for $899 or a Bachelor of Metaphysics is $630 without the Tantra





Diploma In Metaphysical Healing

Learn ancient methods used by indigenous cultures to promote physical wellness and a sense of well-being. These intensive certificate courses, can begin your journey as a professional spiritual healer. Subjects 1 -7 are prerequisite for attaining this diploma. Completion of this subject along with the Masters of Metaphysics will entitle the participants to a Metaphysical Healers and Therapists certificate, which will enable the practitioner to register with some health funds as a traditional or alternative therapist.


ASTRAL PROJECTION 3 units - 2 hours per unit - $25 per unit - $70 subject

    Home work given - Purchase of Work book available


Unit 1 - 2 Hours - $25

    Trance work

    Psychic Spying


Unit 2 - 2 Hours - $25

    Time travel - Future and past

    Foretelling The Future


Unit 3 - 2 Hours - $25

    Moving between the worlds

    Soul retrieval and basics of healing

    Exorcism and psychosis




Develop Your Own Psychic Abilities

6 Units  - 1.5 hours per unit - $20 per unit - $100 subject


    Unit 1

Seeing Auras - 1.5 hours - $20

    Unit 2

Feel & Direct Energy at Will - 1.5 hours - $20

    Unit 3

Perform Psychometry - 1.5 hours - $20

    Unit 4

Remote Viewing - 1.5 hours - $20

    Unit 5

Medical Intuition - 1.5 hours - $20

    Unit 6

Healing & Absent Healing - 1.5 hours - $20


This subject will enable you to begin doing psychic readings immediately!



ADVANCED ESOTERIC HEALING - 6 units - 3 Hours per unit- $200 subject.

    Workbooks and other course material will be available to purchase.

    An assignment will be required at the end of each unit. Give yourself at least a month to do this. Don’t rush it.

    Reki Masters, Sekhem, and graduates of other energy based healing systems may gain one unit credit, for the TUMO section, however the ability to heat your hands and direct energy at will must be demonstrated. Tumo is different from Reki and other energy systems but similar. Even if a credit is granted, it is still recommended that the serious practitioner complete the TUMO unit of the course.


Unit 1 - 3 hours - $35

    Esoteric Causes of Physical and Mental Disease

    Restoring Balance to the Soul, Body, Mind, Relationships & Environment.

    Aiding the body to heal itself

    Doing too much for your client

    The Basic Physical Systems

    Use of colour Light, Sound and Crystals

    Applications of Heat and Cold


Unit 2 - - 3 hours - $35

    Commonsense approach

    Basic Nutrition

    Herbal and food adjuncts

    Understanding the Devas of the Herbs

    Siddha v Ayurveda


Unit 3 - 3 Hours - 3 hours - $35

    The release

    The Cathartic and Gestalt style approaches

    Play therapy

    Self-Hypnosis style Approaches


Unit 4 - 3 hours - $35

    Spiritual/physical Counselling

    Unlocking the past

    Lighting the way for the future

    The Use of Joy

     \Witch Wars - Magickal Conflict Resolution


Unit 5 - 3 Hours - 3 hours - $35

    Soul retrieval

    Tough Love

    Gaining assistance from Spirits


Unit 6 - 3 Hours - 3 hours - $35

    Aiding the will and purpose to live.

    Allowing the choice of the death cycle - What causes a person to want to die.

    Assisting the relatives.

    Writing a funeral ceremony.



"The Diplomploma of Traditional & Metaphysical Healing is a certificate course in itself and may be undertaken as stand alone course for approved students at the cost of $650. The "Zigi,"  "Astral Projection"  and "Psychic Development" subjects are required for both the "Traditional & Metaphysical Healing Diploma" and the "Psychic Readers Ancient and Modern Divination Certificate." If you have done it in one, you may have a credit for the other






 Learn methods used by psychics and mystics for millennial to look into the future and the past.

    These below subject may be undertake with the ZiGI , Psychic Development & the Astral Projection subject for those who only want to gain a Certificate in Psychic Reading. The subjects may be purchased together for $499 -  These intensive certificate courses, can begin your journey as a professional reader.



MEDIUMSHIP - 4 hours $80

Prerequisite - Psychic Development Subject

Spirit Communication Workshop

Taking The Medium Out Of The Message - In this workshop you can begin to develop your own ability to directly contact those who have been close to you but are now on the other side, without any medium in between

Also, learn to identify & communicate with all forms of spirit.

Unit 1 - 1 Hour  - $20

    Feel their presence

    Receive messages

    Get answers

    Understand what death is


Unit 2 - 1 Hour  - $20

    Send communication

    Gain resolution


Unit 3 - 1 Hour  - $20

    Physical Mediumship

    Trance Mediumship


Unit 4 1 Hour  - $20

    Find out what is on the other side

    How to correctly conduct a Seance

    How to correctly use a Ouija board


This is an intensive spirit communication workshop and it is recommended that all 4 unites be undertaken together




Symbols are the language of the universe that speaks to your soul. Understanding the highly recognizable collective subconscious archetypal images in the tarot from Cabalistic, ancient European, Egyptian, Greek and contemporary symbolism, helps us to recognise these symbols in the world around us. Tarot studies are split into two sections.


Beginners: This Professional Tarot Readers Workshop will get you reading tarot straight away.

Unit 1 -1.5 hours - $25

The Major Achana


Unit 2 -1.5 hours - $25

The Minor Acana and Cost Cards


Unit 3 -1.5 hours - $25

Putting it together to construct a reading



Unit 1 - 2 hours - $35

Explore the tarot’s deeper correspondences and


Unit 2 - 2 hours - $35

Covers ALL cross correspondences.


This is an intensive Tarot workshop and it is recommended that all 5 unites be undertaken together.  - Beginner Tarot is $70.  - Advanced Tarot is $65 -  All 5 Units $120 -




Understanding the significance and patterns of numbers in our lives.

Modern Numerology

Germatric Numerology




The Art of seeing the future with Divination & Omens

    This is an essential workshop and it is recommended that all 3 units be undertaken together.  - All 3 Units $70 -

    Essential techniques. Gain the ability to look into things see images and interpret them.


Unit1 - 2 hours per unit - $25

    Scrying Trance State

    Cloud Scrying

    Fire Scrying

    Water Scrying

    Black Mirrors

    Dream Images


Unit 2 - 2 hours per unit - $25

    Bird and Animal Omens


Unit 3 - 2 hours per unit - $25

    Tea & Coffee Cup Readings




These are the 7 basic subjects must be completed in order to gain your







Not required for successful completion of Diplomas or Certificates. However, they will round out your knowledge of these ancient sacred arts. Proof of the completion of any of the below or similar courses may count as extra credits toward grading.




6 week course -  1 hour per week - $50

    Stop the bullying

    Instills a sense of security & peace

    Introduction to Basic Self-defense

    Victim consciousness and energy thieves

    Energy movement

    Bodily training and Physical Culture




1 Units - 2 hours per unit - $25



1 Units - 2 hours per unit - $25



Instructor-External Lecturer, Papa Eclipse.


EGYPTIAN MAGICK 3 hours - $35

Learn the ancient egyptian methods and magick and ceremonies and deities A great introduction to Hermetic Magick.


HERMATIC MAGICK 10 Units -2 hours per unit-

    I unit a month for the next 10 months -

    It is important to be committed to this process so we ask for the full fee for the full course. $200. Special dispencations may be granted for those who have in the past missed out on completing this initations.

    A process of initiations and introductions via ancient invocations to 10 divine archetypal energies upon which all transformative magick is based.

    Sun x2

    Moon x3








GOETIC MAGICK 3 hours - $35

    An introduction to 72 Solomonic Spirits Genii-(us)

    Methods of working with Goetic Genii

    Asking them to aid you in specific tasks




3 Units - 2 hours per unit - $25 - $70 for all 3 Purchased as a subject



REVERSE SPEECH - 1 Unit - $25

The use of reversed human speech as a therapeutic, divinatory and social tool.

    Also demonstrates our inability to tell lies

    Computer Audio Editing Program Required



BASIC KABHALLAH 1 Unit - 3 hours - $35

Will be demystifying this hip form of Middle Eastern Mysticism




Instructor-External Lecturer, Don Nicholson, South Eat QLd indigenous person of the year 2012 will share some Australian Indigenous culture with us

    Learn the ethics, etiquette, rituals traditions, and respect of daily life and culture of various Australian indigenous peoples.

    Workbook available


LABYRINTH WORK 3 hours - $35

Journeying to find the mysteries and unlock the cycles of life

    What are labyrinths?

    Working with the wheel of the year

    Walking the labyrinth

    Making you own labyrinth.



PAGAN CLERGY TRAINING - 4 Units of 2 hours each $200

    Advanced Specialist Course

    Pagan Clergy Training is for all of those who are running spiritual groups or Pagan Kirks (churches) & wish to serve their communities better & fully understand their responsibilities & rights under the law.


    Learn how to be legally recognised & set up your own Kirk.

    Find out what is your taxation status & responsibilities.

    What does it mean to lead others?

    How to aid the spiritual growth of others & inspire others to come forward to help with responsibilities.

    How to settle disputes with out crushing others.

    Polish up basic ritual & rights of passage skills.


This will be a jam-packed course with lost of interaction, role-playing, & projects for you to do. Ordination & Pagan Clergy Certificate is available for those who successfully complete this course and have done the subjectson ETHICS, MAGICK BEGINS WITH YOU, CIRCLE CASTING & at least one other form of specialised magick.



Course Copyright Rev. Dr. S. D'Montford - Gold Coast and Sydney - Australia January 1989-Shambhallah Awareness Centre



* Regime Aegytianerrie Rectife is an ancient charter for a mystery school, an esoteric education granted to Shambhallah Awareness Centre. Regime Aegytianerrie Rectife-is a survival of the Egyptian Mysteries as delivered to St Mark the Evangelist in his esoteric work. It is of the oldest Templar traditions, emerging into the public light in the mid 18th centaury.



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Every Blessing to you


Shé D'Montford

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