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Rev Dr Shé D'Montford is duly Authorized by law to solemnize marriages according to Australian Law.

She is a religious Pagan celebrant who specializes in authentic traditional Handfastings.


What is Handfasting?

Joining your life with another's will run through a series of natural progressions. For which there is a natural progression of rites of passage to accompany these milestones. Traditional handfastings are a series of rituals that acknowledges this progress. There are three stages involving  three initiations if you will.


The first vow taking, usually takes place within the first year of the couple meeting. This initial vow is made in front of witnesses physical and spiritual as a token of the couples commitment to each other. This vow is to "… love each other for a year and a day or as long as love shall last, which is eternal". This is the equivalent of what we have come to know as an engagement period, but is treated with far more gravity. Also being present at handfasting has far more gravity than being a guest at wedding reception as all present seen and unseen are also asked to take a vow to, give any assistance within their power to "aid and in no way hinder" the newly wedded couple.


The second vow is generally taken at the end of the year and a day. The second vow is either taken for 2 years and a day or 5 years and a day depending on the couple's personal beliefs.


By the end of the avowed year and a day period, most new couples have now been living together for 18 months approximately. The 18 month 2-year marker is vitally important to a relationship. It matures. At this stage the glamour of romance has faded and the real hard work of a relationship begins. If a couple decide to stay together beyond the 2 year mark, this is often the time when most new couples decide to make it legal if that is their eventual desire. This second vow also proves to be wise, as statistically it is a well-recognised fact that the majority of divorces occur within the 18 month to 2 year mark after establishing cohabitation. It is generally my advice to wait and take your second vow only after you have been living together for 2 years. If the couple's love has deepened and strengthened during this period it is natural to deepen and strengthen their vows.


If the reverse has occurred then the relationship can be dissolved amicably and with dignity. There is also a ritual for dissolution and freedom, in which the handfasting knot is untied and the blessing is given by witnesses physical and spiritual on the couple's now new individual lives. This rite helps remove the uncertainty of the friends of the couple, as to where their loyalties lie after the couple separate. This rite therefore also gives the freedom back to the friends and guests to remain friendly with both parties. Because this rite of passage has been removed form society in general, I'm sure most of us have felt victim to this uncertainty, and felt pressured to join either one camp or the other. With the use of the dissolution rite it doesn't need to be that way.


The third vow is generally taken at the end of this avowed period with out delay for either, 10 years and a day or forever. This corresponds to what has come to be known as "The Renewal of Vows" that is often taken in society today. Alternatively if the couple so choose, a dissolution ritual may be opted for. Again if the couple's love has deepened and strengthened during this period it is natural to deepen and strengthen their vows. Usually a much stronger vow is taken at this point that includes " …Nor shall death part us: for in the fullness of time we shall be born again at the same time and in the same place as each other; and we shall meet and know and remember and love again…"


A word of caution here. I have seen this traditional Druid vow used many times, and have been asked to use it in the initial handfasting ceremony. I will always bow to the personal beliefs of another but remember"… never promises before the gods what you can not keep and never underestimate the power of your magickal word made with in the sacred space of a circle". It is my belief that there are so may dysfunctional karmic relationships about because of such vows made in previous lives that have not been laid to rest by the natural dissolution rite of death.


What is a Pagan Celebrant?

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    Hi She!

     Hopefully you remember me!  My name is Sam, and you married me and my husband Steve on June 28th 2008. I just wanted to say thanks. After 1 year of marriage, everything is going well.  In fact, I recall you saying at our rehearsal (after you saw the koala in the park) that it was a good sign. Well, I'm happy to say that in the year since the wedding, Steve has managed to get a job (not 3 months after the wedding!), we've moved into a really nice house, and I am currently 17 weeks pregnant!  All is going well, and we're really hoping to have a girl.  We'll find out in a few weeks. Do you do naming days at all? (I SURE DO!)

     Well, I hope all is well with you and yours.


     Sam and Steve


    Hi She

    It's Tracey and Garth here. we just wanted to thank you so much for performing our wedding in May. I was a little shy and nervous that day, I didn't get a chance to ask you to stay and thank you for a great ceremony. Our guest enjoyed themselves totally. I am very great full and blessed to marry a great guy and have our wedding how we wanted, so thank you so much. I attached a two pics of ceremony     Click Here 1 & 2,  to see the picture that Tracey and Garth have shared

    Blessed be

    Tracey & Garth


"..... When Shé called in spirit on our day, everyone could feel it, sense it and even photograph it. The air was electric, the rain stopped and the world stood quietly to attention. We know spirit was there as a witness to our vows as well as all of our loved ones. It was truly magic. There is no one else to recommend as a celebrant.... ."

Robyn and Rodger  9.11.2001



A Pagan Wedding  (Handfasting)

Robyn & Roger's Handfasting Wedding  conducted by Rev. D. Shé D'Montford   in the rainforest of Mount Tambourine Gold Coast

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