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We all want to know what all of our possible futures may hold for us. A good reading leaves you feeling empowered. The knowledge you gain from a psychic reading not only answers questions, it can also help you to better understand your journey through life.  Discover yourself and Understand yourself better. Your life is in your own hands, understand how to regain control.


Shé D'Montford's highly trained skills, psychic abilities, intuitions and vast life experience are all accessible to you. Shé  can aide you to understand the direction in which you are traveling, assist with your health, finances, relationships, problems and can help you find the correct path to your higher purpose as you experience  her brilliantly clear insight.


You Can Find Guidance Here.

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Let Shé Tell You Herself:




" I am `a good all-rounder`  I do all of the clair's

  • Clairvoyant
  • Clair-audient
  • Clair-sentient,
  • Clair-nascent.
  • I am a Medium
  • I do Psychometry
  • I see the future,
  • I do Psychic Profiling
  • I'm a Remote Viewer
  • I do Scrying
  • and so much more as well as teach all of the above things too. My courses have an excellent reputation.


There are other metaphysical skills that i have been trained in. Correct procedures to get correct results.

People who have experienced sessions with me know they can get whatever it is that they need from me. If you are not familiar with my work as yet, don't pigeonhole me. as what I do is too big for any pigeon hole.


I can give you a very accurate picture of your future, finances, love-life & health. However, my work is more than a curio. People's lives change. But I see myself as a healer. Once I can see the issues clearly using my abilities, I can then use my other skills to heal and empower you on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.



Real Psychic Reading 100% accurate & compassionate

 Psychic Blows Away Professional Skeptics


I can do my readings and energy healing in person,


        on the Phone or


  via Skype to anywhere in the world,


as, with spirit, there is no time and there is no space.

"Where the attention goes the energy follows."



So I am looking forward to working with you soon. If you have missed out on having a session with me, make sure that you book now with Ken on +61(0)402793604 . All of my sessions, no matter what I do are priced the same. No matter what form your consultation takes, you only pay for my time via one flat rate and in that time I will give to you what ever you need.




    "Once you realise that we are all connected and that these abilities all work because we ARE all connected...You will understand that we all are - The One."



You Can Find Guidance Here.


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